Early Days

What we're focussing on

Following on from the success of our inaugural event and the media coverage that it brought we want to make sure that we can provide all of our customers with the service that they deserve.

As a result of this, we are going to concentrate our efforts on establishing our Thundry Hills brand using our Original and Sactruary gins. The sales over our inaugural weekend and the feedback from our customers have reinforced our belief in the two recipes we have devised. Where as bespoke gins are something we will be looking at doing in the future, this is not be something that we're spending too much time on at the moment.

Where you can buy a bottle?

We are in the process of being able to sell online however, in the mean time, you can buy from one of our stockists. We will be hosting another sales event from the farm soon too so keep an eye on our social media to find out more information.

Thundry Farm, Farnham Road, Elstead, Godalming, Surrey GU8 6LE, UK